Spectatorial Summertime Zine: Deadline Extension!

We are extending the deadline for our zine contest. All entries will be due by August 25th at midnight. The form for all entries can be found here: Summer Zine Contest

The Spectatorial asks entrants: What if it were summer… forever?

Competing stories will use this question as a spring board to speculative story-telling and poetic creation. Writers can choose any speculative genre or mix modes to create a unique speculative piece that will excite readers’ imaginations. Your story or poem will compete against other written works and the best piece will be featured in the printed zine.

Illustrators and artists are also invited to use the prompt as inspiration. Art pieces will be judged against one another and the winning piece will be printed in the zine.

The contest is open to writers and artists of all levels, U of T students and non-students.

The Rules:

  • The pieces must address the contest’s question in a creative way.
  • The pieces must not have appeared in other publications.
  • The written pieces must be no more than 1000-2000 words.
  • August 25th 2014 is the final day for all submissions.
  • Stories, poems or artwork must be sent to thespectatorialonline@gmail.com as attached documents. Please also CC. thespectatorial@gmail.com!
  • Entered pieces must not have the author’s name on the document, to ensure impartiality.

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