CRINGEFEST Will be Bringing the (Literary) Pain!

Cringefest poster

CALLING ALL WRITERS AND CREATIVE MINDED PEOPLE! Ever felt excluded from the high brow poetry slam crowd in your hip local coffee shops? The Spectatorial presents a FUN-draising event with entertainment for all, as we celebrate the trials and tribulations to becoming the artists you are today.

We invite you to dredge up your most embarrassing past writing: your angsty break-up poetry, your deep teenage thoughts, your fan-fiction starring you and Harry Potter, and share it in front of a bunch of people who have definitely also been there. Don’t worry, there will be booze.

We will also be having baked goods and other cool stuff for sale as part of fundraising for our next issue. The madness takes place Thursday March 19th in the Cat’s Eye (downstairs inside the Goldring Student Centre) starting at 8pm. Suggested donation $2-5.

Please send us a message on our Facebook page or find Brenda in the comment section and message her in order to get a spot on the list of readers for the night.

Hosted and presented by The Spectatorial. Sponsored by The Victoriad.


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