Want more Spec on campus?

The Spectatorial is hosting some events in the next few weeks, check it out below!



So…what is speculative fiction? Don’t worry if you’ve thought it – we get that a lot.

Come join us this Friday for a rundown on what spec fic is, what kind of fiction we accept, and how we edit everything. We’ll even give you tips on how you can make your submissions standout from the rest!

DATE: Friday, October 7th
TIME: 2-4pm
LOCATION: Hart House, South Sitting Room

For more details, check out our Fiction Workshop event page on facebook HERE.

And remember, if you want to submit your fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or artwork to The Spectatorial to be published, the due date is October 23rd! You can find more info on submissions here.

*Note: In the interest of fairness and anonymity, The Spectatorial‘s editors will not be able to look over or give specific suggestions on work you plan on submitting.



Want to learn how to write and/or draw comics? Want to learn the basics of graphic fiction?

The Spectatorial is offering a workshop just for you! NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!

We’ll cover:

  • The creation of graphic fiction
  • Storyboarding
  • Outlining
  • Establishing length
  • How to write and lay out a script

We’ll have opportunities for writers AND illustrators — so if you’re interested in one side, but not too comfortable the other, we’ve got you covered. Come collaborate on something you might even submit to The Spec!

DATE: Tuesday, October 11

TIME: 3 – 5 PM

LOCATION:South Sitting Room, Hart House

Find more details on our Graphic Fiction Workshop event page on facebook HERE.

*Both events are wheelchair accessible*
Have questions or concerns? Contact our Editor-in-Chief, Lorna Antoniazzi at thespectatorial@gmail.com.

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