LORNA ANTONIAZZI is a fourth-year student without a lot of time on her hands, deciding to spend whatever time is free by drawing and reading about fictional narratives. She likely enjoys more than the recommended dose of literary and feminist theories (with no regrets), and particularly loves both video games and concept art. This will be Lorna’s final year at the University of Toronto, where she majors in English with minor ventures into writing and rhetoric, sociology, and political science. She is very grateful to have spent her past three years with The Spec’s dedicated and imaginative community, and intends to return the favour as this year’s Editor-In-Chief.



ARIANA YOUM enjoys warm weather accompanied by berries, books, and a hammock in which she can occasionally nap. She is in her fourth year of university, studying English and Psychology. Please excuse her when she gets abnormally excited over some obscure grammar rule. She is also rather obsessed with science fiction, and is patiently waiting for the day when she will be able to teleport. Until then, she shall design away. She looks forward to working with the amazing The Spectatorial crew this year, and wishes them much love.

20160212_134813 cropped


MARGARYTA GOLOVCHENKO is a second-year student who has heard every joke in the book when it comes to her name. She’s a poet whose work has appeared in various journals. She also edits for Half Mystic and Venus Magazine, and is the author of the chapbooks Miso Mermaid (words(on)pages, 2016) and Pastries and Other Things History Has Tried to Kill Us With (dancing girl press, 2017). She can be found sharing her (mis)adventures on Twitter and speculating about her past life as a hedgehog. As this year’s online editor she cannot wait to push the boundaries of the speculative genre.



REJ FORD is convinced that at some point there will be a catastrophic ripping of the fabric between worlds and she will fulfill her destiny as a space warlock. In the meantime, she spends much of her time explaining anime subplots to highly patient people, and the rest trying to reconcile the biological sciences with robotics—otherwise known as: how to turn her animals into sentient AIs. Her hobbies include a double major in Biology and Animal Physiology. She has succumbed to the lure of grammatical power and is continuing with The Spectatorial as Copy Manager.

20160909_164629-1FICTION EDITOR

BEN BERMAN GHAN is a third-year English major with minors in Philosophy and Writing and Rhetoric at UofT St. George campus. He knows an unnerving amount of comic book trivia, and sleeps with Ray Bradbury and Kurt Vonnegut books stuffed into his pillows. Ben’s first book Wychman Road was published in January 2016,  he thinks a lot about aliens. Ben’s feelings about being Fiction Editor are similar to that of a man stranded on a moon for centuries finally making contact with his own kind. He’s a bit pleased.



VICTORIA LIAO is a cat-lady-in-training and fourth-year student majoring in English and Sexual Diversity Studies and minoring in Contemporary Asian Studies. Having grown up on a diet of feminist fantasy YA novels and rich fantastical role-playing games, she has since taken a keen interest in the representation of marginalized voices within fiction — especially in speculative works. Her poem “S.A.D.” was published in the fifth volume of The Spectatorial. When she isn’t editing for The Spec or reading prose for Looseleaf Magazine, she can be observed humming harmonies and pretending to write. In her spare time, Victoria can be found binge-reading fantasy webcomics at four a.m. or expressing her excitement over innovative story-telling methods. She is thrilled to be starting her second year at The Spec with such a fantastic team to work with.



STEPHAN GOSLINSKI is a second-year actor and Medievalist at U of T, a dedicated music lover, a hard-core gamer, and, above all, a storyteller. For as long as he can remember, he’s been spilling his overactive imagination onto page, stage, and beyond. He not only lives and breathes graphic fiction, which explains why he’s currently serving as The Spectatorial‘s Graphic Fiction Editor, but he also maintains a burning passion for all things wondrous, and is excited to help to shine a light on all the wonders our world’s imagination has to offer.

Spec Exec photo (Terese Pierre - Poetry editor)


TERESE MASON PIERRE has been writing since age eight, but did not become serious about publishing her work until the age of sixteen. Since then, she has published short stories, poems and an electronic novel. Her work has appeared in UofT’s Goose Magazine, Ryerson’s Continuist, and The Claremont Review, a Canada-based international magazine of fiction and poetry, among others. Pierre is heavily involved in campus life. In addition to being poetry editor of The Spectatorial, Pierre is an event coordinator on the Hart House Literary and Library Committee and the secretary of the Healing Sounds of Music. While she is passionate about creative writing, Pierre intends to become a medical doctor, with a specialization in pediatrics or obstetrics. She is currently pursuing a degree in Bioethics, of which she is in her fourth year. She enjoys music, TV-not-on-TV, volunteering and cats. You can visit her website at:



STEPHANIE GAO has accomplished none of the cool things everyone else on staff seems to have done and lives an unexciting life as a second year student studying English. To make reading this not a complete waste of time (and in an attempt to seem cooler), she would like to share her love of art and mythology and penchant for second person narratives with you. She hopes she will live up to her predecessor’s legacy and not make too many grammatical errors along the way.



JULIA BARTEL is a second-year English student at the University of Toronto. As a child, she wrote stories about guide dogs lost in Central Park and mistreated dogs who ran away from home. Luckily, the trend of dog protagonists has not continued on in her writing today, though creative writing is still her favorite pastime. The rest of her time is spent getting lost in the stationery section of Indigo. Her love affair with speculative fiction began when she devoured Eragon at age twelve, and she can’t wait to put that love to work on the Editorial Board.

lawrence - cropped


LAWRENCE STEWEN is just starting his second year at the University of Toronto with plans to pursue a double major in English and Books and Media Studies. In his spare time he enjoys indulging in pulp-era sci-fi and fantasy stories, playing and designing table-top roleplaying games, and learning as much as possible about the elusive subgenre known as the Weird. Lawrence is grateful to be part of the Editorial Board, and is excited to begin his first year as a part of The Spectatorial.



ELEANOR CROOK is a fourth-year student at the University of Toronto, with a major in Psychology and minors in English and Plant Stuff. She accepts the labels of ‘socially-awkward bookworm’ and ‘RPG nerd’ and spends a lot of time squinting at Word documents, carefully adjusting her adjectives. She is currently both in the process of writing a novel and resisting the urge to set it on fire. In the meantime she writes short stories, plays tabletop games, and volunteers to pet cats. She is thrilled to be a part of The Spectatorial this year!



MOLLY CONG is a conflicted second-year student (currently) planning on studying Ethics, Society and Law, Psychology and Literature and Critical Theory. Her current plans for the future involve being trapped in studenthood forever. She enjoys long walks on the beach and warm hugs – all with a good book and a fair share of clichés, of course. You can find her on campus walking to nowhere in particular at the speed of light and looking unfortunately aloof and lost (it’s her facial features, she swears). This year she will continue to edit and write for The Spectatorial!


KATIE SCHMIDT  is a first-year student who has accidentally wandered out of the magical forest and onto the U of T campus. She has happily found The Spectatorial and plans to stay there for a nice long time (or until she figures out how to get back to the forest). When she’s not second-guessing the placement of every comma, she’s likely drawing on unconventional surfaces, reading under trees, drinking coffee until she shakes and trying not to offend people too much with her sarcasm. Katie plans to double major in English and Book and Media Studies and is looking forward to her eyesight deteriorating from all the reading.


GIORDANO LABRECQUE is a first-year student planning to major in Criminology and move on to study law, although he is very loosely committed to this. His greatest achievement is probably unlocking all the achievements in Halo ODST, or maybe him being the only person he knows who has slept for 36 hours straight. He has also eaten an entire party-sized pizza on his own, and on more than one occasion too. His passion for creative writing was jumpstarted by his love for the Percy Jackson series, which inspired him to write a short story in fifth grade about an albino dinosaur terrorizing vacation-goers on an island. Yes, twelve-year-old Giordano wrote the original Jurassic World. Yes, he is suing Universal Pictures (No he isn’t).

15502885_10210686142285574_1194160850_oFIRST-YEAR EDITORIAL BOARD

KELLY BILENKIS is a first-year English and Book and Media Studies major with aspirations in fixing all the world’s typos. In her spare time, she stares blankly into space in an effort to sleep with her eyes open. She firmly believes that sleep is the one supreme good in the world. Sleep and good writing.

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