EDITOR-IN-CHIEF                          Rej Ford - Blog ver

REJ FORD is convinced that at some point there will be a catastrophic ripping of the fabric between worlds and she will fulfill her destiny as a space warlock. In the meantime, she spends much of her time explaining anime subplots to highly patient people, and the rest trying to reconcile biology with robotics—otherwise known as: how to turn her animals into sentient AIs. Her hobbies include a double major in Biology and Animal Physiology. This will be her third year with The Spectatorial, and now understands it is as the Great Ginger predicted: she is going to suffer, but be happy about it.

CREATIVE DIRECTOR                             Stephanie Gao - Blog ver

STEPHANIE GAO is a third-year student with a love for movies with beautiful colour palettes and the intricate grace of art nouveau. She is majoring in Literature and Critical Theory with minors in Visual Studies and Book and Media Studies, which can be quite a mouthful to say all at once. She is partial to mythological poetry and works in the high fantasy genre, though she also enjoys the occasional comic book or two. She is very excited to work with the staff this year and hopes to maintain The Spectatorial’s creative vision.

ONLINE EDITOR                                        lawrence - cropped

LAWRENCE STEWEN is a third-year student pursuing an English major and two minors in History and Writing and Rhetoric. In his spare time, he enjoys indulging in pulp-era sci-fi and fantasy stories, playing and designing table-top roleplaying games, and learning as much as possible about the elusive sub-genre known as the Weird. He is excited to begin his second year in The Spectatorial, and is happy to serve The Spec‘s Blog as its editor. Whether or not this will convince him to upload his consciousness to the Web is yet to be determined.

COPY MANAGER                    Eleanor Crook - Blog ver

ELEANOR CROOK is in her final year at the University of Toronto, with a major in Psychology and minors in English and Biology. She accepts the labels of ‘socially-awkward bookworm’ and ‘RPG nerd’ and spends a lot of time squinting at Word documents, carefully adjusting her adjectives. She is currently both in the process of writing a novel and resisting the urge to set it on fire. In the meantime she writes short stories, plays tabletop games, and volunteers to pet cats. She is thrilled to be returning to The Spectatorial this year!

FICTION EDITOR                        20160909_164629-1

BEN BERMAN GHAN is a fourth-year English major with minors in Philosophy and Writing and Rhetoric at UofT St. George campus. He knows an unnerving amount of comic book trivia, and sleeps with Ray Bradbury and Kurt Vonnegut books stuffed into his pillows. Ben’s first book Wychman Road was published in January 2016,  he thinks a lot about aliens. Ben’s feelings about being Fiction Editor are similar to that of a man stranded on a moon for centuries finally making contact with his own kind. He’s a bit pleased.

NON-FICTION EDITOR                         Victoria Liao - Blog ver

VICTORIA LIAO is a cat-lady-in-training going into her fifth year of an English and Sexual Diversity Studies double major. Having grown up on a diet of feminist fantasy YA novels and role-playing video games, she has since taken a keen interest in the representation of marginalized voices within fiction — especially in speculative genres. Her poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction have been published in The Spectatorial, The Strand Magazine, and The Goose at UofT. When she isn’t editing for The Spec or reading prose for Looseleaf Magazine, she can be found humming harmonies and procrastinating from her latest writing project. She is thrilled to be entering her third year at The Spec as the Non-Fiction Editor, and eager to make magic with the rest of the crew.

GRAPHIC FICTION EDITOR                   13115526_958594074256591_965515027_n

STEPHAN GOSLINSKI is a second year student at UofT, and the Graphic Fiction Editor for The Spectatorial. He’s studying Medieval studies, film, English and probably a couple dozen other arts because he has no self control. He’s also been lucky enough to have his own ramblings published in a few places, including the seventh volume of The Spectatorial.                      

20160212_134813 croppedPOETRY EDITOR

MARGARYTA GOLOVCHENKO is a poet and sometimes-artist who has heard every joke in the book when it comes to her name. She also edits for Half Mystic and Venus Magazine, and is the author of the chapbooks Miso Mermaid (words(on)pages, 2016) and Pastries and Other Things History Has Tried to Kill Us With (dancing girl press, 2017). Her other work has appeared in various journals. Most often she can be found making to-do lists and hiding under piles of to-be-read books. As this year’s poetry editor, she’s excited to expand the horizons of the genre and to showcase a variety of pieces.

COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR                     Katie Schmidt - Blog ver

KATIE SCHMIDT is a directionally challenged human being with a love for all things kooky. When not hopelessly arguing with Google maps she is likely naming plants or drawing on unconventional surfaces. Katie is entering her second year at U of T, majoring in English and Book and Media Studies. She misses sleep but she is thrilled to be redirecting all her time to reading and consuming concerning amounts of coffee. Katie is thrilled to be back for her second year at The Spec!                              

COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR                   Kelly Bilenkis - Blog ver

KELLY BILENKIS is a second-year English specialist with a double minor in Creative Expressions in Society and Writing and Rhetoric at U of T. She loves to read anything from plays to screenplays to short stories and poetry and doubts that she will ever lack space in her heart for at least one more genre. This year, she’s exceptionally excited about working to spread the word about The Spectatorial.                                                                                                                           

EDITORIAL BOARD                       Julia Bartel - Blog ver

JULIA BARTEL is a third-year English student at the University of Toronto. As a child, she wrote stories about guide dogs lost in Central Park and mistreated dogs who ran away from home. Luckily, the trend of dog protagonists has not continued on in her writing today, though creative writing is still her favorite pastime. The rest of her time is spent getting lost in the stationery section of Indigo. Her love affair with speculative fiction began when she devoured Eragon at age twelve, and she can’t wait to put that love to work on the Editorial Board.

EDITORIAL BOARD                   image1

GIORDANO LABRECQUE is a second-year student planning to major in Criminology and eventually study law, although he is very loosely committed to this. His greatest accomplishment is probably unlocking all the achievements in Halo ODST, or maybe him being the only person he knows who has slept for 36 hours straight. He has also eaten an entire party-sized pizza on his own, and on more than one occasion too. His passion for creative writing was jumpstarted by his love for the Percy Jackson series, which inspired him to write a short story in fifth grade about an albino dinosaur terrorizing vacation-goers on an island. Yes, twelve-year-old Giordano wrote the original Jurassic World. Yes, he is suing Universal Pictures (No he isn’t).

EDITORIAL BOARD                       Austin Long

AUSTIN LONG is a fourth-year English specialist, physics minor, and perhaps the last person to ever buy a physical copy of the MLA style guide. He hails from a place that no one has heard of, which is lovely and secret if one is just visiting (much like the jail in Monopoly). Austin has been writing as long as he remembers (so yesterday). Since then, he has penned detective novellas and absurd short stories, delighted in world building and starting (but never finishing) many stories of fantasy, and is working on a novel – all of which will never see the light of day. He is overjoyed to work on The Spectatorial and looks forward to meticulously scrutinizing the punctuation and the internal consistency of any given piece.

EDITORIAL BOARD                    Mia Carnevale - Blog ver

MIA CARNEVALE is a third-year student studying Visual Studies, English, Art History and Italian. In her spare time, she immerses herself in fictional narratives through mediums such as graphic fiction, film, folklore and fantasy genre novels. Regarding her own practices and interests, she particularly enjoys constructing fictional worlds through her own illustration and writing, over-analyzing motifs from antiquity, and watching series’ she can constructively complain about. Finally, Mia is excited to be part of the Editorial Board at The Spectatorial, and looks forward to the fantastically fictional world she is about to take another step into.


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