The Golem and The Jinni

In her debut novel, The Golem and the Jinni, Helen Wecker crafts a tale of two magical creatures who find themselves amongst the large mass of immigrants in 19th century New York City. Chava is a golem crafted from clay, recently created because golems are naturally bound to servitude and her master wanted an obedient…

A Movie for the Child in All of Us: A Review of The Little Prince

The modern pressures of having a career and being on your feet, working 24/7, are issues that have been talked about for several decades. With the emergence of mechanization, on one hand, the working class hoped that machines would make their workload easier, while, on the other hand, a new fear of job loss began to…

Infinity, Ineffability, and Loss in Jorge Luis Borges’s “The Aleph”

First published in 1945, “The Aleph” became one of Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges’s most beloved stories. Like many of Borges’s works, “The Aleph” is concerned with the nature of infinity and the illusion of reality. It gleefully traverses multiple genres and modes of fiction, including fantasy, satire, allegory, memoir, epistolary fiction, and voyage narrative….

Art and Reality

Over a month has elapsed  since Gabriel García Márquez’s passing  on April 17th. The following day I decided to pick up his novel One Hundred Years of Solitude, widely considered to be the author’s magnum opus. The book chronicles the lives of seven generations of the Buendía family living in the fictional town of Macondo….