About Us

The Spectatorial‘s mission statement:

A journal for the perpetuation of speculative fiction, genre fiction, folklore, and mythology. Our goal is to elaborate on the importance of the ‘untrue’ in modern society by creating a space for the largest lies of literature. 

The Spectatorial is the one and only genre journal at the University of Toronto. We proudly operate out of Innis College.

We accept creative work, academic writing, graphic fiction, and visual art under the speculative genre. This can include science fiction, fantasy, horror, dystopia, romance, etc. Our hope is to highlight the importance of carefully crafted speculative works within the literary scene.

Our journal prides itself on creating an environment that fosters all types of creativity within speculative fiction. Free from gate-keeping, we welcome you all into a world of student creativity and literary untruths.

Reach us at thespectatorial@gmail.com, or head over to our Get Involved page for more information on how to get involved and who to contact.

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