Apply for a Position!


Elections will begin on April 28th at 4PM EST and run until April 30th 4PM EST

(A link to our election form will be posted here and on our social media pages)

Please carefully read the instructions and then complete the Application:

Application Submission Link

For the application, you will be required to answer a few brief questions and submit an example of your editing work or design content. What you are submitting is dependent on the position you are applying for.

If you are applying for a position on our editorial board, which includes, Editor-in-Chief (EIC), Managing Editor (ME), Online Manager, Senior Editor, Junior Editor, or Copy Manager, download Editing Document and follow its instructions for your application. After editing the excerpts, we would like you to submit a sample of your own writing. We suggest selecting a couple of paragraphs from an already completed piece of writing; either academic work or creative writing. There is a specific place and format for this within the document. Please follow the instructions. The final question of the application form is where you will submit your work.

If you are applying as the Art Director or Social Media Manager you will not be required to submit any examples of editing but you will be required to submit a minimum of five portfolio pieces to showcase your graphic design skills. Portfolio pieces must be submitted as a single document. We suggest either a PowerPoint presentation or a PDF document compiling your work examples. You must include your full name and student number on the cover of your portfolio. Each visual piece must have a title, a date of production, and a brief explanation of what the work was for. The final question of the application form is where you will submit your portfolio. 

The Application Period: April 4th to April 25th

All writing samples of the above files are the property of their respective writers and were volunteered for the purpose of The Spectatorial’s application process. Please do not recreate or reuse these documents for any other purpose. By downloading these files, you are agreeing to these terms of use.

All positions available are listed here.

**You may apply for a maximum of two positions**

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Editor-in-Chief, Riley Switzman, at to discuss any questions you may have as a prospective editor.

If you are not interested in working on our Editorial Board or our Social Media Team but would love to work with us in another capacity then we encourage you to keep an eye out on our socials for the Fall 2022 semester! We will be opening applications for Copy Editors, new journal submissions, and Illustrators for our eleventh volume during that time.

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